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      Your Alive Air Purifier comes with a written manual. If you prefer video instructions you can also access the complete setup and instructional videos on our website:


How To Setup The Alive Air Purifier:

Setup Steps:

1.  Many people choose to simply run the Alive Air Purifier 24/7 on Low or Medium and skip the Auto Setting which requires some setup time.

2.  AUTO-SETTING. ONLY if possible, open a window for an hour or so to first freshen the air in the room. Place the Alive Air Purifier in the room where you want it to go then plug it in. Turn it ON pressing the “POWER” button and set it to HIGH for 3 hours with the UV Light ON.

3.  Come back and unplug the purifier – count 10 seconds – plug it back in and immediately turn it on AUTO and leave it there.

4.  On AUTO, the sensors will turn the unit from LOW to MEDIUM and then down again as is needed to bring the air back to the PROGRAMMED ‘clean air reference’ you set for it.

5.  Whenever – you unplug the purifier to move the unit, take off the Faceplate to clean the two Pre-filters ONCE PER MONTH, there has been a power outage, or you’ve turned off the purifier for some strange reason though it’s made to run 24/7 Summer/Winter – then for the AUTO sensor to work, you must reprogram/recalibrate the unit to a new ‘Clean Air’ reference as stated in steps 1 through

6. You can avoid the hassle altogether of always resetting the AUTO Sensor by not using this function and just plugging the machine in and leaving it on HIGH or MEDIUM. (I find any unit runs more effectively on MED or HIGH anyway). A couple of hours before you go to bed, unplug the unit and move it to your Bedroom and put it on HIGH. When you go to bed, just put it on QUIET. At 20db, you can sleep with it on.

7.  Do not use any plug-ins (such as Glad or Airwick Plug-In), Febreeze, Oust, smelly candles, or oil lamps in your house, as they will clog any Hepa Filter of any Air Purifier. Also some people believe the chemicals they emit can contribute to allergies and asthma.

You can access the videos on this page via the Alive Air Blog Homepage (

      • Download the Alive Air Purifier Manual Here: Alive-Air-Purifier-Manual (PDF)
      • Your Alive Air Purifier carries a 3-year Limited Warranty along with a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Alive-Air-Warranty (PDF)
      • You can purchase Hepa/Charcoal Replacement Filters and UV Bulbs near the bottom of the Alive Air Homepage, or by calling us directly at 1-800-215-1689.

***********   ALIVE AIR MAINTENANCE  ****************

WASHING THE 2 PRE-FILTERS:  ONCE every month (more often if you smoke, or have known air quality problems), clean the 2 washeable filters (black screen prefilter and electrostatic grid). They are accessed easily by pushing both buttons on the side of the front cover. Put the 2 pre-filters in the tub with a dollop of dish detergent. Add warm (not hot) water to cover and let them soak for a good half hour. RINSE both the 2 pre-filters PLUS the Faceplate with the shower head and then completely air dry it ONLY before re-installing .[OR WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW]

The HEPA/Charcoal Filter will last 6-8 months under normal conditions (less with heavy use or smokers). After 6 months, take a white piece of paper and compare it to the Hepa Filter. If the Hepa filter is just a little bit grey or brown, Change it! Your health is worth more than the low cost of a new Hepa/Charcoal Filter! The UV Bulb will last about a year. The only way you’ll know if it needs changing, is to stand behind the purifier at night with the lights off looking down through the top of the machine. If you can see a light – it’s still working. If you can’t, the UV Bulb needs changing.[OR WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW]



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