2016 Air Purifier Comparison Chart

Here’s an Air Purifier Comparison chart for 2016  including warranty, replacement filetr prices, technologies and more in one convenient place

What is the Best HEPA Air Purifier ?

Best Hepa Air Purifier ?

Determining the Best HEPA Air Purifier is a question which should always include “..for your needs?” at the end. For not all HEPA filter’s (nor HEPA Air Purifiers) are created equal, and not all problems are the same. Most people end up looking for a hEPA air purifier without knowing the limitations of HEPA filters.To remedy this we’ll answer:

  1. What is hepa good for?
  2. What are the pros and cons of hepa filters?
  3. What are the mistakes most people make when it comes to purchasing a Hepa air purifier?

By the end you’ll be able to determine the one “for your needs”.

HEPA Filter

A Typical best HEPA Air Purifier Filter

What is HEPA really good for?

Got Allergies? Hepa filters, in general, are the best for removing large particles. Hence they are considered the best filters for pollen, dust and hair. Doctors (allergists, respiratory M.D.’s, etc.) recommend HEPA first and foremost for allergies and asthma. HEPA filters are cloth-like fibers that catch these particles and retain them. HEPA can also remove radioactive particles, which they were originally developed for. If allergies and/or asthma are your problem then the best HEPA Air Purifier for you starts with HEPA.

What are the Pros and Cons of HEPA Filters?

While HEPA filters (and HEPA Air Purifiers) are best for pollen, dust, and hair they have little or no effect on smoke, odor, or fumes of any kind. In fact smokers should look for other alternatives as the HEPA filter will often act like a cigarette filter, hanging on to the cigarette smoke  and odor. In this case HEPA will need to be changed more often. The pros & Cons in the video below give both sides:

What are the mistakes most people make when it comes to purchasing a HEPA air purifier?

The biggest mistake people make is a financial mistake. That’s because HEPA filters, while they generally all do the same thing (and work effectively) are one of the most overpriced items in the appliance category. Here’s why: Many companies recognize that after you have purchased a HEPA air purifier you’re basically tied to them for the filter replacements.  HEPA filters do not cost much to manufacture. the same is true for automobile filters and ink-jet cartridges on printers. In all cases (Car, Printers, Purifiers) the manufacturer actually sells the original units for less money because they know they’ll make more on the back end.

The HEPA Air Purifier Remedy

The remedy is to check the prices of the HEPA replacement filters when purchasing.


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