Air Purifier Questions & Answers

On this page you’ll find answers to the most asked questions about Air Purifiers and the Alive Air Machine.

I’ll be answering the most asked questions I’ve been asked over the years in both text and by video. Chances are good the answer to your question is here…

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  • General Questions
  • FAQ – Air Purifier Technology Questions
  • FAQ – Allergy Questions
  • FAQ – Name Brand Questions
  • Alive Air Spec Sheet


General Questions:

Q: I have been researching Air Purifiers for a week now, and I have more questions than when I started. I’m confused. Any suggestions?

A: There are many air purifiers on the market because they are profitable. And each technology does something different. Machines come in a combination of 1-10 of those technologies. No one is the best, because the real question is “Best for what”? Mold? Pollen?

My suggestions are:

  • Learn the 10 technologies: Take 5 minutes to watch the “Air Purifier Buying Guide” video (below)  to learn what technology does what.
  • Make a list of technologies you want in a machine as you watch the video.
  • Write down the square footage you require.
  • Search for those technologies.
  • Watch my video reviews on the major and top-ranked air purifiers (coming)

Q: How can I avoid getting ripped off when buying an air purifier?

A: For me it’s been a matter of education to find a good product, whether it be an air purifier, a juicer, or a computer for that matter. You want to learn the 9 technologies for of all, and what each does to know what you need. The challenge is finding someone sincere and who communicates honestly and sincerely. Watch this video below you’ll know more than most people:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Technologies:

( I’m producing new video reviews of many of the major brands. Leave me a comment if there is one that you’d like me to review that you don’t see.)

      Q: What is UV?


      A: UV stands for Ultraviolet Light. Within that light spectrum there is a frequency (often called UV-C, or UVC) which is effective for killing germs, bacteria, etc..)

Q: What is T102?
A: This is a new nanotechnology which is used with UV light to magnbify its ability to kill germs, viruses, mold, mildew, flu, etc. (nanotechnology = a new way for science to play with, and create new substances from, molecules and atoms that are really, really small.)

Q: What is Carbon?
A: Carbon is a substance that, being very porous, can trap gases and chemical fumes. It also works well at trapping smoke.

Q: What about Zeolite?
A: Similar to carbon it has many surface areas and is porous. It can catch gases, etc. But with Zeolite, like carbon, once the gases get trapped that part of the carbon doesn’t trap anything more.

What is HEPA?

What is an Ionizer?

Q: Whats CADR?

A: CADR stands for ‘Clean Air Delivery Rate” and in my opinion only relates to how much air blows by your HEPA filter, not how clean the air gets.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Allergies:

Q: How did you get rid of your allergies?

A: It was a combination of herbs and diet around the liver back in 1973. I also had several air purifiers going to relieve my immune system while I recovered. I’m working on a book all about it.

Q: Will an air purifier relieve allergies?

A: Yes, most of the time. The keyword however is “relieve” as the air purifier only gets rid of the triggers, not the cause of allergies in the body.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Brand Names:

Q: What do you think of the Oreck?

A:  It’s an Electrostatic Machine with washeable plates, a small carbon filter, and ionization, and no HEPA. So it will do some odors, smoke and pollution but won’t do much for dust or pollen since they have little if any electrical charge. Very overpriced for electrostatic and such a small machine. The carbon filter replacements (yes, you do have to change a filter despite what they say on TV) are very small yet expensive.

Grade: C

Q: How about IQAIR?

A: 2-technology. Very well made (Swiss) and good if you have a very chronic immune system problem. HEPA and a large carbon cylinder. (Why no UV?) For most people it’s a bit expensive ($800 plus) when you’ll get as muchfor $300.

Grade: B

Q: Austin Air?

A: 2-technology. HEPA and Carbon/Zeloite. Very well made (The last US made air purifier unfortunately) and like IQAir good if you have a very chronic immune system problem and need the best HEPA.  About $450 for their low end model.

Grade B+

Alive Air Spec Sheet and Specific Questions


Here’s the Alive Air Spec Sheet….

alive air purifier specifications

You’ll notice a few things:

1) It covers a large area, yet is quiet enough at 20db to be used in a small room
2) The HEPA will last about a year
3) Hepa replacements are an affordable $35.95