Whole House Air Purifiers vs. Room Air Purifiers

Problems With Whole House Air Purifiers

Whole House Air Purifiers are are installed in the home’s ventilation system. Installation of the air purifier is done by connecting the system to the home’s heating and cooling system. These purifiers work by cleansing the indoor air that includes removing harmful airborne contaminants.

However several problems exist with whole house air purifiers:

#1 Poor Air Flow: Heating and Air Conditioning Ducts are generally designed to move hot and cold air into the room, not to circulate air in and out of the room. The proof is that you find dust in the rooms of your house, even though you already have a filter on your heating/cooling system.

#2 Lack of Sufficient Fan Power: Heating and A/C Ducts can direct cleaner air into the room but do not have sufficient draw of air to recirculate dirty air.

#3 Lack of Cleaning Ability: Even with a better HEPA filter, UV or Ozone unit in your heating ducts the circulation within the room will not be strong enough to extract dust or bacteria within the room. (However the heating ducts themselves will be cleaner and more sterile as they move air into the room)

#4 Higher Energy Costs: You would need a fan blower motor about 5 times the strength of the typical air duct system to clean each room as efficiently as a small unit. This motor would use a lot of energy, and increase heating and cooling bills. Also the air ducts would have to be modified to circulate air better than the typical duct system designed in your home.

Small Air Purifiers Work Better

On the other hand small single Room Air Purifiers allow for:

#1 Better Air Flow: By creating a circular flow of air in the room they can extract dust more effectively. Air Purifier with HEPA filter units are best for removing and trapping dust.

#2 More Air Moving Power: For clean air the air needs to be circulated efficiently, and in a circular motion, 1-4 times per hour. This can be regulated with single room air purifiers.

#3 Cleaner, Healthier Air: Air Purifiers that sanitize the air via UV light and tio2 must be in close contact with the air to be effective.

#4 More Energy Efficient: Like a zoned heating system you can reduce energy costs by having an air purifier on in the most used rooms, like the bedroom and living room or home office. Brushless Motors, like those found in the 9-technology Alive Air Purifier, use very little energy yet circulate air quietly and efficiently.

The whole house purifier is a great idea, but (unfortunately) because of the problems mentioned above an air purifier in each room is a better choice. More control over the air quality conditions with a small air purifier saves energy bills, and does a better job.


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