Your Unhealthy Home – Why Unhealthy Indoor Air Requires an Air Purifier

Your Unhealthy Home – Why Unhealthy Indoor Air Requires an Air Purifier

Your Unhealthy Home – Why Unhealthy Indoor Air Requires an Air Purifier
By Mark E. Richardson

Is the inside of your home contributing to disease?

Air Pollution accounts for over 2 million deaths per year in the world. While most of this is due to cooking fumes and improper use of gas heaters you should also be aware of othe rdangers including chemicals (cleaning materials, etc.) and “outgassing” from synthetic materials (in carpets, new plastics, electronics,) that all affect the immune system of everyone.

If you spend any time indoors the odds are that your house is not an environment that supports you being healthy. Natural air, with natural substances like plants and trees which produce ions and oxygen from carbon dioxide, are simply the right materials for your body and for healthy living.


The use of heating and air conditioning has several negative effects on your health:

#1 They rob life-giving negative ions from the air. Negative ions help a person breathe better. Waterfalls, ocean waves, and trees all produce high levels of negative ions. Negative Ions help us generate more energy, stay mentally sharp and can even effect depression. It positively effects breathing and is a must for people with respiratory problems like asthma

#2 Pollen , dust, dust mites thrive indoors. Other than vacuuming these immune system stressors thrive, grow and submit your immune system to stress every second. Heating and air conditioning ducts are perfect breeding ground, and can actually spread these items around.

#3 Air conditioning contributes to mold and mildew, which can cause a weakened immune system.

#4 Viruses, germs, bacteria and flu-like strains love the indoor environment. In fact they thrive.

#5 Heating contributes to dust mite proliferation.

Modern Materials and Building Supplies Contribute To Disease

Today’s homes use more new materials – composites, glues, chemicals, insulation, etc. – in construction. Homes built prior to 1950, besides radon and lead paint, can be healthier because they consist of more natural woods. Less chemicals equals a healthier environment.

If you consider insulation you probably think of savingprecious energy and money. But if you think of it in terms of health – even though it makes the indoor air more controlled – it also makes indoor air much more static and dead. Insulated air does not breathe.

How To Create A Healthy Home

In a perfect world homes would be built with natural materials, and built to resists germs and viruses. Air wuld flow freely through our home all the time to replenish negative ions and oxygen. Unfortuantely that is not a practical economic alternative. So what’s the answer?

An air purifier solves the problems of unhealthy indoor air only if it meets the following criteria:

1) Includes negative ion generation
2) Includes HEPA to collect pollen and dust
3) Includes Carbon to absorb VOC’s and chemcial gases
4) Includes UV to kill viruses and germs
5) Includes Tio2 to kill mold, bacteria, mildew, and viruses

Most major brands use only use 2-3 technologies.

Mark Richardson is an author, and former Health Practitioner who researches cutting edge health products.
For a great overview of these technologies watch the “Air Purifier Guide Video @ It’s the most watched video on YouTube and the internet.The website he recommends for more research on air purifiers is

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