Pro’s and Con’s of Filterless Washable Air Purifiers

Pro’s and Con’s of Filterless, Washable Air Purifiers

The rise of harmful airborne pollutants in our homes has resulted in a greater consumer demand for methods to improve the quality of our indoor air. In recent years, the instances of such health conditions as sleep insomnia, allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses have increased significantly as a result of poor quality indoor air. More consumers are now using air purifiers to improve the quality of air in their homes. One such indoor air cleaner that has grown in demand are the Filterless Air Purifiers like the Oreck XL Air Purifier and ionic air purifiers.

Filterless air purifiers work by rendering airborne particles and toxins harmless. One popular purifier that does not have a filter is the ionic air purification system. The ionic air unit consists of two eclectically charged plates. One plate is used to charge the particles flowing through the unit. The particles are charged in an electrical field within the capturing unit. The second plate acts much like a magnet because of its opposite charge, and attracts the impurities. The particles collect on the second plate thereby preventing them from returning to the room. When impurities travel through the device, the structure of the contaminants is changed to render them harmless. Filterless air purifiers are effective at removing particles and also odors, smoke, and chemical fumes.

Washable Air Purifiers – What can they do?

There are some obvious benefits to using a filterless air purifier. Because it is does not have a filter, there are no filters to change which will result in considerable savings. The filtration of air in a filterless unit changes the constitution of the air so that the negatively charged ions snatch the particles from air. The collected impurities are then wiped off the plate with a moist cloth. The result is cleaner and fresher air. As well, because this type of air cleaner eliminates smoke, bad odors, and harmful fumes, you will no longer have to buy air fresheners. Another benefit of using these air cleaners is that they can be quiet when they are in use which makes them perfect for the bedroom.

Another type of filterless air purifier is the photocatalytic air purifier. These indoor air cleaners can destroy such airborne contaminants as bacteria, mold and mildew spores, and viruses. These contaminants can cause serious respiratory problems such as influenza and lung infections. The air cleaning units are very effective at destroying micro-organisms that cause respiratory infections.

But Do Washable or Filterless Air Purifiers Do a Good Job?

If you are looking to capture allergens, pollen, animal dander or dust then I would say no. The Ionic, photocatalytic air purifiers, like Oreck, will not do a good job. If however you are looking to remove smoke, odor and air pollution then it might suit your needs. In most cases a combination of HEPA, ionic and photocatalytic will cover more bases and give you more alive air from your air purifier.

For Healthy Air You’ll Need Plenty of help

The American Lung Association reports that indoor air pollution has increased significantly causing more people to be at risk of developing respiratory problems. The Environmental Protection Agency EPA also reports that “6 out of 10 homes are ‘sick,’” meaning the indoor air poses a serious health risk. Poor quality indoor air can result in a variety of health conditions such as allergies, bronchiole disorders, asthma, insomnia, migraines, and fatigue. It is now necessary for homeowners to protect their family members by taking measures to clean the air in their homes. For people who are looking for an effective way of cleansing their indoor air try to find an air purifier that uses as many of the 9 types of air purification as possible.


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