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For help with cleaning washable filters, changing filters, bulbs, wires, and to reset lights you can:

1) Watch the videos below

2) Return to the website (Menu item> Instructions)

         3) Refer to your manual


Alive Air Purifier Maintenance Help

Cleaning the 2 Alive Air Purifier Washeable Filters
Resetting the Red Cleaning Light
Changing the UV Bulb
Plasma Grid Wire Replacement

Download The Complete Alive Air Manual By Clicking On This Link:

Alive Air Purifier Manual (PDF – Updated 2013)

Cleaning the Alive Air Purifier

Washable Electrostatic and Pre -Filter

  • Warm water and dish detergent (not dishwasher detergent)
  • Let Completely air dry before re-installing the 2 washeable filters and the Faceplate
  • Clean the 2 washable filters once every 1-2 months depending on conditions

How do I get the annoying red cleaning light to go off?

Every six months, a sensor lights to remind you if you haven’t washed the washeable filters every month. Here’s how to turn the red light off…


How Do I Change The UV Bulb? How often?



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