Alive Air Purifier Reviewed


  1. [..YouTube..] I already saw this video on Google… but good anyway,…

  2. [..YouTube..] Very, very helpful info.. best i have found and thanks!!! Susan

  3. [..YouTube..] also.. what’s the square footage? will it work on a bedroom?

  4. [..YouTube..] Could you review some of the other machines on the market?? I’m trying to decide between IQAIR, rabit, Austin, and this aliveair machine

  5. [..YouTube..] Thanks guys…. this has been some of the most clear, and no B.S. information I have had on air purifiers to date… Thanks Again, Dr. Hall

  6. [..YouTube..] Now this was helpful….

  7. [..YouTube..] what about Ozone?

  8. [..YouTube..] I watched your other videos. Are you saying that I should get more than HEPA? Thanks for your help

  9. [..YouTube..] What do you think of the Austin Air?

  10. [..YouTube..] I heard it is good.. How is this one better?

  11. [..YouTube..] sorry for all the questions ( and thanks for answering)….what shoud I use for someone who gets sick alot?

  12. [..YouTube..] Great question….Ozone is great to “treat” a room, but you wouldn’t want to be in the room as it will irritate the lungs. Ozone is 03, basically oxygen with a very unstable extra molecule which does kill odor, germs, mold, etc. It doesn’t help with dust or pollen however. The Machine in the video does not use Ozone but UV which does the same thing without the health risk.. thanks for asking.

  13. [..YouTube..] Hepa is the one to start with (to remove dust, dirt, hair, pollen) but I would also get UV because HEPA won’t get rid of viruses, germs, bacteria, odors, or kill mold/mildew. UV and Tio2 does most of the rest…p.s. HEPA is often over-priced so getitng HEPA and UV should not copst more than $3-400.00

  14. [..YouTube..] Well made (and probably the very last U.S. made) air purifier. It only uses HEPA and Carbon/Zeolite ( no help with viruses, germs, mold, etc.) . The model hasn’t changed in 25 years. So my opinion is it’s a bit pricey for essentially a big HEPA and Carbon filter.

  15. [..YouTube..] Great questions. When I had asthma and allergies I used everything I could – HEPA, UV, Carbon, Negative Ion (for health benefits more than cleaning) and more because each technology helps something. So while UV and Tio2 is a must to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. you also want HEPA to make the air clean. Everything in the air (except air itself) stresses the immune system…

  16. [..YouTube..] I’ll assume you mean AliveAir over Austin? The Alive air machine costs less ($299 vs. $499) yet had 9 technologies instead of just 2-3. It’s a more current design – with a brushless motor (quieter and uses less electrivity) and UV, Tio2, Electrostatic and Neg. Ion along with the HEPA and Carbon of the Austin.. Did that help?

  17. [..YouTube..] Sorry if I drone on…. I have offered Austin and IQAir to my patients in the past but I wanted something with more technology and that was less expensive…..both are good, just too much money (my opinion only)

  18. [..YouTube..] I have watched all your videos.. very helpful.

  19. [..YouTube..] Thanks alot!

  20. [..YouTube..] Square footage is 800 sq. ft. It will work fine in a bedroom with the quiet mode you’ll sleep fine…

  21. [..YouTube..] Thank you for feedback.

  22. [..YouTube..] OK.. I bought one of these 2 weeks ago,.. shipping was fast, machine works great, and I can breathe..WooHoo! Helpful people from aliveair.. THNX.. Mary

  23. [..YouTube..] I had a unit sort of like this but it had 3 stages, prefilter,hepa and carbon.i’ve been suffering from allergies and bought it, it helped quite a bit for about month and it started to seem get noticibly less effective, then i got the flu, after that had cleared up everytime i turned it on i just kept sneezing like mad and felt groggy. but i was fine when it was off.Do you think the hepa filter just got really dirty quickly or something? it said in the manual they last ages though.

  24. [..YouTube..] Funny watching these kind of air purifiers monitor the air though. I sware my vacuum spews out more dust then it sucks up. When i use it i start coughing. So when i had the air purifier on it went on to maximum speed near instantly and showing the air is full of dust haha. neat stuff.

  25. [..YouTube..] Ozone is great for removing odor and mold, but too much can hurt your lungs. Does nothing for pollen and dust.

  26. [..YouTube..] It sounds more as though the air purifier, by increasing air flow, was stirring up things in the room. MOst hepas won’t clog that fast. However hepa and carbon won’t do a thing for germs, viruses, or bacteria which is why I like the Alive Air machine rather than the HEPA alone machines like IQAir, etc.

  27. [..YouTube..] Hey Don how are you. Thanks for the videos. I have a question, what is the difference between the Airpod Cleaner and the Alive air purifier? I am interested, but dont know which to choose. Please let me know.Thanks

  28. [..YouTube..] How can you tell if a ionizer creates ozone or not? Or do they all produce ozone, just some more than others, if so how do you know how much?thanks! Peter

  29. [..YouTube..] Hi Peter,, good question.Almost all electrical appliances create some ozone but for most it is very miniscule. Regular negative ionizers (- charge only) fall in this category. Air purifiers with charged “plates” ( both + and -) such as the oreck and ionic breeze do create more ozone if they have enough surface area.The charged “grid” type (a metal screen rather than plates) creates a very small amount.

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  33. [..YouTube..] Good Q and A.. Thanks don

  34. [..YouTube..] I bought one of these machine which was recommended by my friend. it had free shipping . Price was right. Very quiet unit and works great.

  35. [..YouTube..] This product is awesome. It has 4 speeds and an auto mode. Its REALY QUIET on quiet speed, you wont hear a thing. A 9 stage system for filtering, believe me it works. I smoke cigars – no cigar smoke or smell at all. THIS IS GOOD PEOPLE On auto it has a sensor so when it detects dust/odor it kicks into high. It’s is considerably cheaper than most & works better . So I recommend this air purifier – it delivers at a reasonable price.

  36. [..YouTube..] Does other filters need replacement other than the HEPA?

  37. [..YouTube..] You should have bought an IQAir that has special odor controls. They are about 200 more than the healthpro series, but are incredibly well suited for cleanroom environments

  38. [..YouTube..] I used to have an IQAIR unit – which is a HEPA and Carbon only (no sensors). It is well made, overpriced at $850, and effective if one has extreme conditions like lung disease, etc. It has no effect on viruses, bacteria, etc. and we don’t recommend it for most people for these reasons.

  39. [..YouTube..] Just the UV – The HEPA, UV and Carbon together only cost $35, replace it once ever 12-18 months.

  40. [..YouTube..] I bought the A;ive Air Machine because of this video and I couldn’t be happier with how well it cleans and the price . Itwas $299 and free shipping.. I run it in the bedroom at night and it is quiet.. Thanks for the vid!

  41. [..YouTube..] Can I use one per 4 bed room small house. will it clean the entire house? or do I need to buy one for each room?

  42. [..YouTube..] Unfortunately air circulates in a circle, and hence does not pass through doorways (unless they are very wide). I suggest getting one s for the rooms that you spend the most time in (bedroom definitely). Thanks for your question!

  43. [..YouTube..] Could you please disclose if/what financial interest you have in advocating so strongly for this product? I can’t seem to find any independent reviews of this product online, which is odd.

  44. [..YouTube..] I want to buy one but all i have is 256.00 can you Please give me a Discount and I promise to try and get other people to buy your Product?Can Some One Please give me a link to an independence and Un-Bias Review?I would like to know a little More before i had out my hard earned money.Will this help a New Born baby breath easier?My 5 yr old kid has Asma will this Unit Help?

  45. [..YouTube..] see the prior link for independent reviews on consumer reports forum and my other reviews…… thanks

  46. [..YouTube..] Search for “consumer reports forum alive air” to see many reviews of the machine…

  47. [..YouTube..] I came across this alive air purifier searching online. I bought 2 and I’m buying 2 more.. great unit, and great people behind it..

  48. [..YouTube..] Well can i have one for 250.00?I can Pay Via Paypal.

  49. la_petit_fleur says:

    Um, I’m looking for a great air purifier but am skeptical of this Alive Air. Why do I see the same comments on every review website? Why can’t I find filter replacements anywhere on the web? Why can’t I find real mention of this product other than

    The Consumer Reports does not show this product today, Oct. 14, 2009. No fault to Alive Air as it seems CR hasn’t updated since 2007.

    What am I missing? Not trying to knock the product but I don’t want to fork out the cash if it’s bogus. Please help.

  50. Thanks for your questions,

    Ahh.. the internet…

    While we get testimonials by email all the time many of our reviews are scattered across different sites. Some of the sites share information so you get the same reviews different places (EX: aliveairpurifier and Youtube share comments).

    RE: Filter replacements: We only sell online and do not currently sell to distributors, big box stores, etc. This is how we keep our prices so low and our shipping free, yet compete with the bigger name air purifiers. We sell our replacement filters at a reasonable price (as of this post $29.95) at aliveair and ….This is the same filter we have sold for many years…

    The best way for a consumer to find out about us – put your questions together, watch some of our videos, and give us a call.

    Thanks for asking!!!!

  51. Rich,
    You said your filters are sold at both airalive and Does that mean they are the same company. Someone earlier asked what was the difference between the two, but you never answered the question.

  52. I own both companies..airpodcleaner is our older model with the same filters but a smaller fan….

  53. [..YouTube..] Very helpful in the confusing world of air purifiers..

  54. [..YouTube..] My wife and I have had this in our home for a week now. The difference is amazing. There always has been some old house smell that was minimized somewhat by a rug cleaning, but has always remained. I remember my amazement when, after only a few hours of run time, I returned to the house from running errands, walked in the front door, and took a deep breath of clean air. This machine moves a lot of air, even on the low setting and it’s so quiet. I’m very pleased.

  55. [..YouTube..] I just ordered 3 of these. Customer service has been great so far. Much better than any other company I have dealt with. I will post again when I have received the units and used them for a week or two.

  56. [..YouTube..] oh my god dude ill give my entire starwars collection is still new i need this filter damn damn.i need this damn

  57. [..YouTube..] Did you receive the units yet?

  58. [..YouTube..] Im sold on the product it is great but I also have a question. Please tell me the name of the music playing in the background. It is a very familiar song that I can not remember the name

  59. [..YouTube..] I love how the odor light is on as he is standing right next to it! Activate charcoal!

  60. [..YouTube..] This was very helpful info.. appreciate the insights

  61. [..YouTube..] I’m having difficulties buying mine, did you go through paypal?

  62. [..YouTube..] I have one of these running in my house and I love it.. quiet and I notice my health is much better.. thanks

  63. [..YouTube..] I love it! This video was so helpful that I bought one…

  64. [..YouTube..] Thank you!!

  65. [..YouTube..] I never heard of Alive Air before but I purchased one of these from their site and I must admit that it has great. I have more energy, breathe better, and love that it’s quiet enough to sleep with it on…Thanks

  66. [..YouTube..] Can I order the Alive Air Machine from Australia? Would I be able to get a shipping quote from the website? Which of the filters besides the bulb, need to be replacted if the filters are handled with care & cleaned properly inside of the Alive Air Machine?

  67. [..YouTube..] I’m sorry but we currently only ship inside the US.the HEPa gets replced about once a year

  68. [..YouTube..] where do i get one ?

  69. [..YouTube..] how much are they ? Do i just wash it ?

  70. [..YouTube..] HI.. They are $299 this month and free shipping .. You just wash the pre-filter and electrostatic filter…

  71. [..YouTube..] thanks

  72. [..YouTube..] 5/5 stars*****I received mine on 4/21/10. It is a great air purifier. My room use to stink of paint fumes and dirty laundry —now there are no detectable odor even if I close the doors and windows all day —this air purifier took care of it.

  73. [..YouTube..] I am one satisfied customer

  74. [..YouTube..] I Think your Air Pufier is the best on the market!! i really do!!, and i would love to buy one!!!, But on your website, you don’t ship them internationally!! WHAT A SHAME!!! You could have so many more potential happy customers if you did, including me..

  75. [..YouTube..] I just ordered an oreck xl proshield plus for like $425 w/ tax….I am thinking of returning it for this alive air, but I have not seen any non biased report…..what to do…the only difference I see is the Hepa/carbon filter…all the sensors on alive air are pointless if you leave your unit on 24/7…oreck says their uv light never needs to be replaced…why does this one need to be replaced every year??

  76. [..YouTube..] I like this product…Go to Amazon for independent reviews (search “alive air purifier amazon”)

  77. [..YouTube..] I agree- thanks

  78. [..YouTube..] Great questions!! thanks..Amazon has some independent reviews on it. Besides HEpa/carbon you also have UV/Tio2 to kill viruses/bacteria. Sensors 24/7- sensors work if the window is open and pollen comes in, you burn food, or food starts to smell, etc. Plus the motor is rated for 10 years (and will far outlive the oreck which has a “brush” motor). Every UV bulb will fail after 9-12 months – even orecks

  79. [..YouTube..] awesome video

  80. [..YouTube..] Pretty nice!…..and definately has advance filtration with all those components. But if course with more stuff….comes more maitenance. Is their anywhere locally to take this if i start having problems with it? And does it have a good enough warranty to cover the majority of those components in there?? I dont know….but it seems to me that my ORECK PROSHIELD PLUS IS BETTER THAN THAT! GREAT filtration with truman cell, oxygenator and UVA LIGHT. AND a 3year warr. w/lifetime cell.

  81. [..YouTube..] Warranty = 5 years. The brushless motor will run for 10 yrs. Oreck = 320 sq.ft. AliveAir = 865. Oreck = no HEPA. HEPA is recognized as the best for dust and pollen. Alive Air =a better purifier/better price by not charging you for the expensive infomercial!! Most repairs (a rarity) can usually be fixed at home. After a few months Oreck will charge you to fix anything (because their guarantee is pro-rated).

  82. [..YouTube..] We originally had four Oreck air purifiers and all of them have died within a few years (motors siezed up). We will never buy another Oreck again. This machine works great.. thanks for video advice

  83. [..YouTube..] thanks.. bought one – love it

  84. [..YouTube..] Very helpful info for those with allergies – you have to remove not only dust and allergens but germs, viruses as well…How much does it cost?

  85. [..YouTube..] You wash 2 filters every 2-3 months

  86. [..YouTube..] Would this Air Purifier help in the sinus problems?

  87. [..YouTube..] ionizations help you think better….hahahahaha!

  88. [..YouTube..] Pretty sure we have mold in the room I sleep in. Was hoping a purifier with UV light might kill the spores until we can afford to repair to the basement to seal out moisture. I just read something though that might prove them ineffective when the air is passing so quickly over the light. Apparently, the gist of the review says they’re useless unless the spores are exposed for a few minutes.

  89. [..YouTube..] Good question, When it also has Tio2 UV has a better ability to kill spors, but ye – if it is on high there is less chance. The other factor is that HEPA will trap the mold spores as well. Also negative ions tend to kill mold. With all three I find it does a nice job.

  90. [..YouTube..] @AliveAir Thanks. That helps.

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  117. [..YouTube..] This is a very helpful video to those who needed to buy airpurifier most especially to those who have allergies. Great tips

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  127. [..YouTube..] I have a prem~i~air air purifier and it has a ioniser 8hour timer and 3speed settingand fragance (optional) at night when i go to sleep i put it on yhe first speed ultra quiet and the ioniser to and since then my sleeps have been mutch better

  128. [..YouTube..] Thanks for the feedback

  129. [..YouTube..] Thanks for the feedback… The 9 technologies have a greater effect than just HEPA or just ionic…I Appreciate your response

  130. [..YouTube..] It’s a credit to the customer service people – something you don’t find much of nowadays…

  131. [..YouTube..] I found good reviews for this air purifier on Amazon too.. although it cost $339 there than at their site where it’s $299. has anyone else done a video about it?

  132. [..YouTube..] Are the air purifiers on TV any good?

  133. [..YouTube..] There’s a video on Amazon as well. PLEASE DO A VIDEO REVIEW HERE…thanks..

  134. [..YouTube..] I’m so glad i bought this one and not the IQAIR or the Oreck I looked at. Great Air Purifier, well made… thanks for the video

  135. [..YouTube..] Very good purifier

  136. [..YouTube..] They’re helpful – email them

  137. [..YouTube..] Can you clean each of those 9 layers?, lis it washable??, if not.. how can you clean them if they are already covered in dirt that they have filtered???

  138. [..YouTube..] 2 filters are washeable and make the HEPA last longer. The negative ion, UV, and Tio2 do not get cleaned as they work to eradicate germs, viruses, etc.

  139. [..YouTube..] @AliveAir thanks mann!, imma go buy one,.. do you know any with a huge discount?, and how much is it now?, i mean this year.. considering that you made this video 2 years ago..

  140. [..YouTube..] To AliveAir: First of all, great reviews! Second, I live in a hot climate so my A/C window unit HAS to be on continuously in order for the room (250 sq feet) to cool down. Buying a purifier seems futile because allergens are continuously being pumped into the room when the A/C is on. I am thinking about buying the Airpod MT2, but how effective will a purifier be if I have an operating A/C window unit (which does not have a filter)? Thanks!

  141. [..YouTube..] Good question.. . and I get your point about A/c’s . The easiest way to keep allergens out with A/c on is to put a small cloth filter on the inside of the A/c cover (My a/c unit has one). I still use an airpurifier – even though the A/C may be letting more stuff in. A/C does another thing: It actually removes a lot of the healthy negative ions – So I use the smaller unit ( The MT2 is on sale less than $119 — search for “alive air mini” as it’s called that as well on another site).

  142. [..YouTube..] What’s the best way to measure the square footage of a room, and what if the room we want to put the filter in is smaller than 700 or 800 square feet? Our grandson, who suffers from a, severe allergy to dust mites, and constant colds, sleeps in a bedroom that is very small, with not very good air circulation. His parents are thinking about getting one of these units. But is there a problem if the room is smaller than 700 sq. ft.?

  143. [..YouTube..] Hi, and thanks for the question. There is no problem in a room smaller than 700 sq. ft. It will just clean the room more times, which is ideal for asthma problems like I used to have. You might run it on the slower speed (800 sq. ft. is at the high speed which is probably not ideal for sleeping) as the “quiet” mode in it is probably the best for the bedroom.., Blessings. and most important I hope he gets better.. MR

  144. [..YouTube..] One more question — forgive me if it’s already been answered in the string below… Does the Alive Air purifier produce even small amounts of ozone? I’m not clear on this.

  145. [..YouTube..] All appliances, and air purifiers with Motors or electronics, produce some minute ozone (TV’s, computers, refrigerators included). So the answer is next to zero, and completely safe. Some air purifiers hoever do use Ozone to clean, and produce a lot more ozone. This one doesn’t (sorry if I “overexplained”)

  146. [..YouTube..] Sometimes Alive Air sells open box, or returns.Call them

  147. [..YouTube..] Thankyou, awesome review!

  148. [..YouTube..] that was only 6 technologies. what gives?

  149. [..YouTube..] Can I use this Air purifier in Australia? voltage is 240VOr I get converter?

  150. [..YouTube..] Two questions: How long will it last and how quiet is the fan motor?

  151. [..YouTube..] How can it kill viruses if they arent alive?

  152. [..YouTube..] These units are fantastic, i use 2 in a old bedroom converted to a clean room. I have done open air transfers of cultures on agar with no contaminations so far… that means the spore count in the room, which is not completely sterilized, in house that is even dustier, is very low. If I had a meter i would measure this.I realized shortly after plugging the unit in, that I had never smelled clean air before, it was invigorating.Thanks!

  153. [..YouTube..] @hunkashoo It renders it inactive… It’s like getting a shot. The virus that’s in the shot isn’t active.

  154. [..YouTube..] I’m not looking to buy an air purifier but this video is very informative 😀

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  156. [..YouTube..] Sorry – the converters don’t change the hertz properly..

  157. [..YouTube..] Hi Mark! Very interesting stuff! Joey Vaughan “World Blues Attack”

  158. [..YouTube..] We are drywalling a room that had mold…so we need a system to zap the mold spores…but what about the drywall dust?

  159. [..YouTube..] To kill mold I would suggest borrowing someones Ozone machine (Ecoquest, etc.) or getting a good negative ionizer and UV (not as fast as ozone). To capture the drywall dust you’re going to want a HEPA filter (because the particles are small). This machine (in the video) has UV, negative ions and a good-sized HEPA but if there is a lot of mold I don’t “play around” – get Ozone. Crank it up. Get out of the room (ozone can irritate lungs. Air the room out after for 3-4 hours).

  160. [..YouTube..] @hunkashoo you can denature them”Viricidal agent includes 70% ethanol, isopropanole, iodine, chlorine such as javex solution, Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), sodium hypochlorite, quaternary ammonium compound (QAC). heat will also kill/inactivate viruses.”

  161. [..YouTube..] Hello.. I just want to know, what are the different sizes of a HEPA filter replacement. Like the square ones and the cylindrical. Please help me, I’m interested in knowing.

  162. [..YouTube..] I must have missed a few…

  163. [..YouTube..] It’s a rectangle and it is 2 x 24 x 18 if I remember…

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  167. [..YouTube..] Do the trapped allergens in the hepa filter have a chance of escaping when the filter is about to be replaced? I mean when the filter is released from the machine and gets exposure.

  168. [..YouTube..] Which way do the hepa filter face? Mine says outward on the carcoal side. What is outward?

  169. [..YouTube..] Charcoal in, Hepa out, (someone in the factory was asleep on the job I suspect). Sorry

  170. [..YouTube..] @404040c amazon has one for a good price..

  171. [..YouTube..] how the hell are there so many views….i wasnt aware the all of the air filter fanatics i guess…..

  172. [..YouTube..] i think i might get one for my mother.. she’s been having problems sleeping and always sick… so i should get her something nice… but she prolly wants jewellery with diamonds andstuff.. LOL yeah right = n=;;

  173. [..YouTube..] How can you say Ions are what give you energy? and refreshed ? I have dificulty breathing with an ionizer. I tried an ionizer and the next morning my chest felt like a cynder block,very heavy. My doctor said it was the ionizer.Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have your product and I believe it works but not every body gets refreshed from ions and I heard you say that. The machine I tried was just an ionizer so it may have been just to strong.

  174. [..YouTube..] It wasn’t the negative “ions” that caused the breathing problem, it was the “ozone” that some “ionizers” create. DEFINITION: An “Ionizer” is an air purifier with washable plates that creates positive and negative ions. These plates often create Ozone (byproduct of the + charged plates). DEFINITION: A “Negative ion generator” (no plates) produces negative ions only. NEGATIVE IONS: Abundant in nature. Used for asthmatic babies via research done in Europe/Russia. Measure of healthy air.

  175. [..YouTube..] The machine has impressive specs. It makes me wonder though what modern societies do to the air we breathe, because what the machine does basically is convert air to what it should have been without too much harmful human intervention.

  176. [..YouTube..] So how about shipping to Canada?

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  180. [..YouTube..] hi i use incense all the time… i notice you said not to use plug ins and candles and fabreeze, so does incense also do something as well… just got mine in today, wanna make sure i use it right.

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  182. [..YouTube..] Does it make noise? I’m using Ionic Breeze, no noise, no filter but doesn’t eliminate bacteria, fungus, etc., Wild Oil of Oregano P-73 does that. That song playing in your video drove me bonkers for several years, no kidding! I taped it on the way back from the beach. It took years to find the name of it “Are You Going With Me” by Pat Methany. A kid putting up posters at the 100th record store I visited to try find the name of the tune, gave me his copy because the store didn’t have it.

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  187. [..YouTube..] Hi, what country are these made from? Is there a customer service phone number in the US? Thanks,

  188. [..YouTube..] can you turn the ion function off? thanks.

  189. [..YouTube..] yes – with the remote. But the negative ions are good for health.

  190. [..YouTube..] Sensors- Japan, unit – China like 99% of all air purifiers.

  191. [..YouTube..] The Technicians tell me several years…

  192. [..YouTube..] The long UV bulb…

  193. [..YouTube..] Thank you

  194. [..YouTube..] Incense is no problem… We just want to make sure people get the most from the HEPA filter possible and some chemicals use up the hepa faster

  195. [..YouTube..] Sorry – thanks for feedback

  196. [..YouTube..] Contact for canada

  197. [..YouTube..] Unfortunately we have misused what nature has given us.

  198. [..YouTube..] An ionizer is different from a negative ionizer. Some ionizers use plates and positive ions which can create ozone.

  199. [..YouTube..] Kills viruses? How does one kill that which is not alive?? =p sorry to be difficult I’m just curious…

  200. [..YouTube..] Kills viruses? How does one kill that which is not alive?? =p sorry to be difficult I’m just curious…

  201. [..YouTube..] @AliveAir This is an important remark you made: negative ions enhance the bodies ability to absorb oxygen. Negative ions can be produced by transducers vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies (such as in some types of pond foggers).

  202. [..YouTube..] This is an important remark you made: negative ions enhance the bodies ability to absorb oxygen. Negative ions can be produced by transducers vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies (such as in some types of pond foggers).

  203. [..YouTube..] What is the CADR rating of your product?

  204. [..YouTube..] goof

  205. [..YouTube..] I just recieved my ‘Alive air purifier’ today and it only came with a remote. No maintenance instructions, manuals or anything. Why is that?

  206. [..YouTube..] was this really in consumer reports?

  207. [..YouTube..] Where do I get it?

  208. [..YouTube..] CALL (ZEESHAN ALAM) 03002267728, 03212852383 for IQ AIR IF YOU BUY IN PAKISTAN

  209. [..YouTube..] @saggysack89 umm viruses are alive. They contain DNA. They just cant reproduce with out taking over a hosts cells. It is considered a single celled organism. So I am confused by your statement.

  210. [..YouTube..] umm viruses are alive. They contain DNA. They just cant reproduce with out taking over a hosts cells. It is considered a single celled organism. So I am confused by your statement.

  211. [..YouTube..] umm viruses are alive. They contain DNA. They just cant reproduce with out taking over a hosts cells. It is considered a single celled organism. So I am confused by your statement.

  212. [..YouTube..] hi mine continu to say clean metal grid, and still works, but how do i stop ot from saying that because i think i did it right?? thank you

  213. [..YouTube..] Turn it off. Then put the end of a paperclip into the reset hole on the right as you push the “timer” button. You’ll hear a beep. There are videos on this at too showing this..

  214. [..YouTube..] How does the air quality sensor work? Does it turn on the machine when it detects dust or an odor?Also, would this be a good choice for cigar smoke?

  215. [..YouTube..] It adjusts th efan motor speed depending on room conditions, but the machine has to be on.

  216. [..YouTube..] What is the maintenance cost for filters on this system?

  217. [..YouTube..] no offence, your video is extremely informative and fluid but…whatthefuckisthismusic???

  218. [..YouTube..] no offence, your video is extremely informative and fluid but…whatthefuckisthismusic???

  219. [..YouTube..] It’s full of technologies!

  220. [..YouTube..] It’s full of technologies!

  221. [..YouTube..] Yes – it detects these particles and adjusts the fan speed up until the air is clear to save electricity and adapt to the conditions.

  222. [..YouTube..] The manual was updated because we upgraded some of the technology – the PDf is available on the website (look at the video instruction page)

  223. [..YouTube..] As well as having cleaner air in our homes, the next step is to use the air filter that stuck on the front of our faces called ‘noses’!I like the idea of combination filters that include the carbon filters. There is a lot of different chemicals that are emitted from furniture and building products. eg from glues and solvents, that are very nasty. Carbon can adsorb much of these.

  224. [..YouTube..] As well as having cleaner air in our homes, the next step is to use the air filter that stuck on the front of our faces called ‘noses’!I like the idea of combination filters that include the carbon filters. There is a lot of different chemicals that are emitted from furniture and building products. eg from glues and solvents, that are very nasty. Carbon can adsorb much of these.

  225. [..YouTube..] There are older versions of the Alive Air which in 2012 upgraded to a better motor (hence it’s 5 year warranty instead of 1-3 years), advanced electronics (hence the remote control and reduced power usage which the others dont have) and a more stable power supply to fix some circuit board problems in 2010-2011. We still sell the older models/versions but wanted to make it last longer.

  226. [..YouTube..] WHat is and isn’t washable? What do I have to replace over a heavy period of time?